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PDP has implemented a dialogue workshop on the 29th of July, 2017 with the Urban Upgrading Units (UUUs)

One of the goals of The Participatory Development Programme in Urban Areas (PDP) is to improve the capacities of the local administration related to informal areas. Accordingly, PDP has implemented a dialogue workshop on the 29th of July, 2017 to enhance the communication and knowledge transfer between the Urban Upgrading Units (UUUs) in the three Governorates of the Greater Cairo Region (GCR).

The PDP also seized the opportunity to acknowledge the staff of the UUUs and related departments by handing out certificates of successful completion of an 18 months capacity development programme in efficient urban management and upgrading of informal areas. The celebration was attended by Dr. Ahmed Darwish, Deputy Minister of Housing for urban renewal and informal Settlements, Dr. Manal Awad, Deputy Governor of Giza, Eng. Mostafa Abbas, Assistant Secretary General for Qalyoubya Governorate and Eng. Ashraf Hassanein, Executive Director for Cairo governorate UUU deputizing Dr. Gihan Abdlerahman, Deputy Governor of Cairo. Moreover, the workshop created a platform to enhance the communication between the civil society organisations Grant Beneficiaries (GBs) and the local authorities.

The workshop was very successful where the GBs shared their achievements and gained experiences as well as presentation for the upcoming projects. The workshop allowed the attendees to reflect on the procedures for upgrading projects implementation and improvement of communication networks between the UUUs and GBs so they can better cooperate. The workshop was concluded by an open discussion which enabled the attendees to learn from the different shared experiences and network for possible future collaborations.


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