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9th Advisory Board on Climate Change in Cities

On Tuesday 26th of December 2017, the PDP in cooperation with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) held the 9th Advisory Board on Climate Change in Cities (AB-CCC) at the Cairo House (the cultural and educational center of the EEAA). The meeting was attended by representatives from EEAA, PDP, different governmental bodies, ministries and local authorities. The theme of the 9th meeting was vulnerability of cities and their response to disasters associated with climate change.

Eng. Sherif Abdelrehem (Head of Climate Change Central Department) on behalf of EEAA, opened the meeting and welcomed the attendees with special thanks to Dr. Ahmed Darwish (Deputy Housing Minister for Urban Renewal and Informal Settlement) and Dr. Manal Awad (Deputy of Giza Governor). Following the welcoming remarks, Eng. Saber Osman started the first presentation, giving an overview on the evolution of the notion of vulnerability to climate change and drew the attention on different strategies of adaptation that the government could take. Ms. Omneya Shawky took over to share with the attendees her experience and outcomes from the COP23 that took place in November in Bonn, Germany, focusing on topics related to the preparedness of cities for any disaster that could take place at any time. Finally, Dr. Mohamed Hassan (The Crisis/Disaster Management and DRR Sector at the Egyptian Cabinet Information and Decision Support) gave an overview on the “Making Cities Resilient” awareness campaign by UNISDR and the generic framework for risk reduction in the handbook for government leaders and mayors also by the UNISDR.

A fruitful brainstorming discussion following the presentations was moderated by Eng. Saber Osman to identify the threats and disasters that cities in Egypt could face due to climate change focusing on different sectors can and should coordinate to find best disaster response solutions.

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