Three-level Approach
Level Partners PDP’s Activities
National Level
  • National Government
  • Ministries
  • National NGOs
  • National training institutes
  • Advising policy-makers on decentralisation and promotion of ministerial support in dealing with informal areas.
  • Contributing to the formulation of national public policy supporting participatory upgrading.
  • Developing participatory urban upgrading methods within a comprehensive conceptual framework.
  • Designing capacity development concepts for local administration, civil society and involved partners.
Regional Level
  • Governorate of Cairo
  • Governorate of Giza
  • Governorate of Qalyubeya
  • Creating urban upgrading units for informal areas at governorate level.
  • Supporting governorates in priority areas, implemented by local administration.
  • Institutionalising participatory urban development methods and providing capacity development for managing and implementing them.
Local Level
  • District administration
  • NGOs & CDAs
  • Local private sector
  • Residents
  • Institutionalising participatory methods through training of local stakeholders.
  • Raising awareness and mobilizing the community
  • Supporting the planning and implementation of upgrading projects
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